Speaker Profile

Kiran Kamity


Mr. Kamity is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in enterprise infrastructure and collaboration. Mr. Kamity is the co-founder of ContainerX and serves as its CEO. In 2012, he had co-founded Collaaj, a profitable collaboration startup where he served as CEO. Mr. Kamity co-founded RingCube Technologies, Inc. in 2004 and served as Vice President of Engineering & later, Product Management. RingCube was acquired by Citrix in 2011 and became part of XenDesktop. Earlier in his career, he had also worked at Network Appliance in the platform group. Mr. Kamity holds several patents in the areas of virtualization, Operating Systems and embedded systems, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Material Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.